If you’re among the thousands of people listing a property on VRBO or Airbnb, you might be wondering how to make the most money out of your space. Here are six things that will put you in a position to get your listing noticed.

1. Personable Guest Interaction

Communicate quickly with the people who rent your home. Travelers who search for vacation rentals on this kind of platform tend to expect to talk directly with the owner of the property. Be courteous and make it clear that you care about their experience, answering their questions promptly. Be sure your expectations make sense and are in your house rules, so there is less chance of a misunderstanding.

2. Keep your Rental Spotless

While this may seem to be common sense, people have different ideas about tidiness and decluttering. You may also find that you aren’t getting the cleanliness reviews you desire. There is remarkable advice on this blog about what guests expect. A good impression is fundamental because you want these clients to recommend your space to others.

3. Make Sure your Listing is Honest.

Sure you want those photos of your space to dazzle, but you also want the client to walk into your rental and see what they expected. Emphasize the great things, but don’t stylize pictures so that the reality isn’t well represented. This article gives some great information about how to take the best photos. If your listing isn’t close to desired landmarks, don’t lie about distance. Instead find good things nearby to emphasize.

4. Go Above and Beyond

Leaving an extra thoughtful personal touch can lead to a quick boost in host status. Word of your kindness will spread rapidly. Make people feel special by noting the reason for their trip if they mention birthdays and anniversaries when they book. A little effort here will mean positive reviews, which translate to more bookings. Even a note in the communications you have with guests that indicates you care about their special occasion will translate to added income in the long run. Need some ideas for things to give? Check this out.

5. Be Available

Even in the newest spaces, calamity can strike. Many things can break. Appliances, HVAC, or plumbing issues might interfere with a guest’s enjoyment of your rental. Being available or having someone on hand, like a property manager, to address these issues quickly will be one of the biggest boosters to your ratings. If you step in speedily to fix problems for people, they will be much more likely to recommend your place to others.

6. Include Local Information

When someone checks into your home tired from travel, having local information such as the locations of your favorite places to eat is a way to let your clients know they are important to you. Including things to do in the area may inspire them to return for a second trip in the future, or help them thoroughly enjoy this one.

Taking these steps could mean increased revenue for your rental.

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