The world of accommodation has changed a lot over the years. Previously, if you wanted to be involved in any hospitality, you would need to have a registered hotel and a lot of other complicated requirements. With Airbnb, you now get the chance to host guests in that spare room that you have in your home. However, to be able to host people for a fee, there are certain requirements that you need to meet to get an Airbnb approval. In addition to these requirements, there are also applications that can help you manage your property and your guests better. Here are 7 of these apps:

1. Smart lock application

You will need an application that controls who can access your house during the stay of your guests, for their safety and the safety of your property. The August lock helps you manage the rental remotely by creating a code which lasts as long as the guests stay and expire when they leave.

2. Digital receipt application

If you are far away from the house that you are renting out as an Airbnb, you will need an accounting app which allows you to scan receipts and store them as pdf. The stored info will help with checks and balances. Receiptmate from Apple is one of the best apps for this.

3. Google Drive

This is another application that you cannot afford to miss if you are an Airbnb owner. The drive contains 15 GB of online storage space where you can upload photos, files and anything else. If you pay $10 per month, you get access to 100GB data and a terabyte of storage space.

4. Google Trips

This is an app that helps everyone plan and executes their trip. It gives you half and full day trip guidelines with the nearest attractions, the best thing to do and the sites that are a must-see. This will help you advise the guests on what to do with their extra time in case they come asking.

5. Video streaming app

Well, when the guests spend the entire day walking around and seeing their tourists’ attractions of choice, they will want to come home and do something relaxing like watching a movie. Streaming applications such as Netflix will cost you $10 a month and can be used on multiple devices.

6. Car sharing apps

Guests who love a guest bargain know that they can stay in an accommodation that is not a rental, and to improve their convenience, they need a reliable transportation means to and from the hotel. Make sure your phone has the Uber app installed in case they need a ride and cannot access the service.

7. The Airbnb app

This one would be a must-have if you ate looking forward to having customers at your premises. Create an account, fill in the details which make your property stand out, and start waiting for the visitors. The app will also make bookkeeping easier for you and Airbnb.


These apps will transform your experience with Airbnb from just okay to completely stress-free.

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